New York City Passenger Ship Terminal
Location and Directions

Now that Queen Mary 2 departs and arrives at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal you can see the best of both worlds! For directions to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, please click here

Brooklyn, New York
Walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, this engineering milestone ranks among the world's greatest suspension bridges. FROM there, head over to the promenade for an even better view of lower Manhattan and the harbor. Next, take a rollercoaster ride, see a dolphin show in Coney Island or explore one of the world's best Egyptian collections at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

New York, New York
See the bright lights of the Big Apple, international mecca and melting pot, with expensive brownstones, colourful neighbourhoods like Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side, and the legendary Central Park. Explore some of the world's great museums - the Museum of Modern Art, (etc.) Some come just for the shopping: there’s Bloomingdale’s on Lex, Tiffany’s on Fifth, Barneys and the unique boutiques along Madison. Or head downtown and explore the trendy shops of SoHo.

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