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Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok captivates with contrast. Explore the city's ancient klongs, or canals, and the modern Thai spirit is revealed. Tour the grounds of the Royal Palace, and you are back in the kingdom of Siam. Seabourn's extended call allows you to journey overnight to Chiang Mai, and experience more of Thailand's colorful history, costumes, architecture and cuisine.

Seabourn Shore Excursions

A Day In Angkor Wat

Explore one of the world's archeological gems and the spiritual heart of Cambodia. A flight to Siam Reap allows you to witness the famous temple of Angkor in a day. Walk the corridors of this massive monument and see the carvings, like tapestries in stone, depicting Hindu mythology. You will also marvel at the ancient city of Angkor Thom, highlighted by the famous pyramid topped by four gigantic heads. The carved heads are facing the four compass points and smiling.

Discovering Chiang Mai

The former capital of Thailand is renowned as "The Rose of the North." It is a wonderful city that blEnd a thoroughly modern lifestyle with a deeply rooted history and authentic Thai customs. The luxurious Regent Hotel built in the unique architectural style of the Northern Thai pavilions is the ideal base for exploring the city and the hill tribe villages that fringe the region, each in its own ecological niche. One of the highlights of your tour will be visiting one of these villages. You will also see a working elephant camp and enjoy an authentic Khantoke meal at Wang Nam Ping, a beautiful private home that often hosts visiting diplomats and heads of state.

The Oriental Hotel Cooking School

For the gourmet cook, or anyone who loves flavorful Thai cooking, this is a truly extraordinary experience. Spend a day at the famed Thai Cooking School of the Oriental Hotel to discover the secrets of this internationally popular cuisine. Watch as the chefs demonstrate their art, and look forward to sampling the results! You will participate in the preparation of ingredients and herbs for making curries, condiments and side dishes. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a novice, you will acquire new skills and gain an insight into the fascinating cuisine and customs of Thailand.

Treasures Of Bangkok

The Seabourn difference in this classic city tour is in the details. Travel in small groups with a knowledgeable English-speaking guide to the "must see" attractions of the Royal Palace-the epicenter of Thai history, tradition and culture. Also visit Wat Phra Keo, the temple where the famous Emerald Buddha is enshrined. During your stop at the National Museum, the newest and most unusual exhibits will be highlighted. Marvel at the furnishings of "The Red House" constructed by Rama I. And be among the first to see the spectacular Royal Cremation Carriages, lavishly carved and gilded 200 years ago.

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