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Silversea Cruises: Insurance Reassurance

   Deluxe Cruises strongly recommEnd Silversea Cruises' GuestCare Travel Protection and Emergency Assistance Services, as well as "Reassurance" coverage. The terms and conditions of GuestCare are available by Fax on Demand at 800-959-0755 (document 6).  "Reassurance" can supplement other insurance or be acquired separately. The Reassurance Program is described below.

Freedom to change your mind at the last minute.

If you cancel your cruise for any reason you will receive a 100% Reassurance Cruise Credit with this Optional Protection

Silversea's Reassurance Program ensures you peace of mind and the maximum flexibility when planning your cruise. It can protect you FROM the penalties and anxieties of canceling your cruise for any reason. Instead of losing 100% of the total charges paid for your Silversea cruise vacation (including air, pre- and/or post-cruise hotel programs and land packages), you will receive a Reassurance Cruise Credit for any and all cancellation penalties, regardless of why you choose to cancel.

The fee for the Reassurance Program is $100 per guest when purchased with Silversea’s Guest Care optional travel insurance, or $250 per guest when purchased alone.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The optional Reassurance Program is available for bookings made for any 2004 voyage.
  • The optional Reassurance Program must be added at the time of booking and must be paid for at the time of deposit.
  • The Reassurance fee is only refundable on bookings canceled at least 91 days prior to departure.
  • The Reassurance Cruise Credit does not include the Reassurance Program fee or GuestCare premium if applicable
  • Cancellation for any reason will only be accepted 1 14 days prior to cruise departure. In order to receive the Reassurance Cruise Credit guests must cancel at least 24 hours prior to cruise departure. "No Shows" forfeit the 100% Reassurance Cruise Credit.
  • Standard terms according to GuestCare and/or existing cancellation policy remain for any bookings cancelled 15 or more days prior to departure.
  • The Reassurance Program 100% Reassurance Cruise Credit is not combinable with any other cancellation payments; program or claims, including those made through Silversea GuestCare.
  • The Reassurance Program is separate FROM Silversea GuestCare administered by BerkelyCare. Guests insured under Silversea GuestCare, canceling for a covered reason, must file a claim with BerkelyCare. If the claim is denied by BerkelyCare for any reason, the guests may then apply for the Reassurance Program Cruise Credit. All claims filed with BerkelyCare will supersede the Reassurance Program 100% Reassurance Cruise Credit benefit. All terms and conditions related to GuestCare claims will also supersede those of the Reassurance Program when a claim is filed with BerkelyCare and paid.
  • The Reassurance Cruise Credit is valid for 12 months FROM the date of the cancelled voyage and will be issued in accordance with the canceled booking as either air/sea or cruise-only, and will be applied after any other savings incentives are applied (i.e. Advance Payment Bonus (APB), Early Booking Incentive (EBI), Silver Sailings (Percentage Discounts), Venetian Society (Past Passenger Discounts)).
  • Reassurance Cruise Credits have no cash value and are non-transferable.
  • Reassurance Cruise Credits received as part of the Reassurance Program cannot be used in conjunction with noncombinable offers.
  • Premiums paid for Silversea’s GuestCare or Reassurance Program will not be included in the Reassurance Cruise Credit.
  • Previously issued Silversea Cruise Credits or Shipboard Credits will not be included in the Reassurance Cruise Credit but will be returned to guests for their future use and will be subject to the credit’s original terms and conditions. If the original credit’s expiration date is earlier than that of the Reassurance Cruise Credit, a new Cruise Credit or Shipboard Credit will be issued to correspond with the expiration date of the Reassurance Cruise Credit.
  • The Reassurance Program is subject to change or withdrawal without prior notice.

Please note: This Reassurance Program is separate FROM the "Silversea GuestCare" Optional Insurance Program which covers trip cancellation and interruption, trip delay, accident and sickness medical expenses and emergency evacuation, baggage and personal effects, baggage delay, traveler's assistance. A full description of Silversea GuestCare is available on Fax on Demand at 800-959-0755 (document 6) (13 pages).