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   Deluxe Cruises strongly recommEnd Silversea Cruises' GuestCare Travel Protection and Emergency Assistance Services, as well as "Reassurance" coverage. The terms and conditions of GuestCare are available by Fax on Demand at 800-959-0755 (document 6).  "Reassurance" can supplement other insurance or be acquired separately. The Reassurance Program is described below.

Freedom to change your mind at the last minute.

If you cancel your cruise for any reason you will receive a 100% Reassurance Cruise Credit with this Optional Protection

Silversea's Reassurance Program ensures you peace of mind and the maximum flexibility when planning your cruise. It can protect you FROM the penalties and anxieties of canceling your cruise for any reason. Instead of losing 100% of the total charges paid for your Silversea cruise vacation (including air, pre- and/or post-cruise hotel programs and land packages), you will receive a Reassurance Cruise Credit for any and all cancellation penalties, regardless of why you choose to cancel.

The fee for the Reassurance Program is $100 per guest when purchased with Silversea’s Guest Care optional travel insurance, or $250 per guest when purchased alone.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Cancel your cruise for any reason 1-14 days prior to cruise departure and receive a 100% Reassurance Cruise Credit certificate good for 12 months FROM date of your cancelled cruise.
  • The optional Reassurance Program is available only if purchased when the initial deposit is made for a booking.

Please note: This Reassurance Program is separate FROM the “Silversea Guest Care” Optional Insurance Program, which covers trip cancellation and interruption, trip delay, accident and sickness medical expenses and emergency evacuation, baggage and personal effects, baggage delay, traveler’s assistance. A full description of Silversea Guest Care is available on Fax on Demand at 800-959-0755 (document 6) (13 pages).

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